Pillars Group proposes a large variety of row materials and packaging. Concerned by the regulatory requirements and the industrial constraints, our company guarantees products in conformity with the FDA, European Pharmacopoeia, Most of Asian standards. 

The majority of our products are certify by the European Pharmacopoeia (CEP), DMF, USDA  and most of our suppliers attest a system of quality concerning the reference of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

We are able to guarantee the delivery in desired times of a large variety of goods, and if necessary, adapt conditionings for the specific needs of our customers.

Chemical Industry

 Pillars Group supplies companies in the chemical industry sector, which have a production-type process. 

Production investment and research and development costs are important. With Pillars Group, we can help to reduce these costs by offering a wide selection of high quality products, available with attractive rates. 

 The various branches of this activity are: plant chemicals, the manufacture of polymers, paints and oleochemistry. The products are basic chemicals, intermediate chemicals and raw materials: detergents, dyes, pigments, reagents, perfumes, …

Pharmaceutical industry

Pillars Group worries to select the best co-workers, to answer in best the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, and so, contribute to the new daily challenges of the health.

We offer a very wide range of active principles, excipients, equipments of laboratories, consumables and pharmaceutical packaging. 

We assure the quality of our services since the warehouses of departure up to the place of arrival of the goods. Furthermore, our technical team makes a commitment in you bring fast and personalized answers, to guide you towards the best value for money, during the choice of raw materials.

Beauty care

Pillars Group is also present in the beauty care sector, we distribute raw materials to national industrialists as international and we look for products of high qualities.

The slowing down of the appearance of the signs of old age, the intensification and maintains reactions of the body in time are the new challenges of the contemporary cosmetic. The ultimate purpose of the company is to offer to the consumers of the visible and long-lasting benefactions.

Pillars Group markets innovative active components intended for the market of cosmetics. All the marketed components are subjected to rigorous scientific facts, and their quality is without compromise. Furthermore, our narrow links with our suppliers, allow us to be privileged partners and thus to allow our customers to develop themselves on this market.

Food-processing industry

Conscious of the evolution and the ceaseless innovation of the food-processing industry, Pillars Group brings numerous solutions of its concerned customers, so that they can extend in best over this market.

We answer the most important requirements of the food-processing industry by guaranteeing the reliability and the efficiency of delivery periods, which answers the qualitative correspondences the most raised.

To turn to good account the time and the money of our customers, we widen our range of products and facilitate the techniques of routing of the goods the most elaborated.

Attentive to the priorities and to the expectations of our customers, the knowledge and the experience of our teams bring more that a service of common distribution; we answer your demands by creating you customized solutions.